Ike's 1987 Corvette!



  Engine rebuilt with racing block machining & all performance parts.  "Ported" all intake and exhaust.  Then, new 6-Speed Manual Transmission installation  -   by RRR.  Dyno tested to extra 90+ HP*.

1987 Chevrolet Corvette

Ike & Sandy Sweesy   -      Valley Corvettes, SW Idaho Sports Car Club

1.       This car represented the 1987 Year in Northwest MotorFest 2003  “50 Years of Corvettes”

2.       New Paint by ZZZ Auto Paint of Nampa , Spring 2004

3.       New 2002 Tremec T-56  6-Speed Transmission installed by Brent Rule of Restoration Rods to replace the stock 4+3.   

4.       Nitto Drag Radial tires purchased in 2001 to help the traction on Drag Race launch.  Works Great!

5.       Engine completely torn down and rebuilt by Brent Rule of 'Restoration Rods' in Eagle Idaho completed in 2000.  Liberally added 'performance parts' from TPIS, Corvette Central, the Meridian Idaho Schucks, "Fairly Reliable Bobs", and other suppliers.  Since I helped with the rebuild, I got the T-Shirt from Resto Rods!

6.       Bob's Machine Shop of Eagle, ID did engine balance, index, grind, and torque honed the appropriate parts to ‘race’ specs.

7.       Bored out from 350 to 360 cubic inches

8.       'moderately' hotter Competition Cam ,  Reconditioned Crankshaft 

9.       New Forged Pistons, rings, bearings, etc.; Reconditioned Piston Rods

10.   Compression Ratio upped from stock 9.5 to 10.2;  Valve job, Combustion Chambers

11.   Crane 1.6 Roller Rocker Arms, 110lb Springs; & new Valve Guides, Lifters, and Guideplates from TPIS.     Billet Aluminum Valve Covers

12.   Ported the Heads, Tube Runners, Throttle Body  & Plenum for better airflow including both intake and exhaust

13.   HiFlow TPIS Air Filter, Modified housing; modified Mass Air Flow sensor; Throttle Body Airfoil

14.   1 3/4" Headers by T.P.I.S.  which eliminated the "Pre-Cat" (legally), high flow Main Cat, FlowMaster Exhaust Mufflers

15.   Balanced 20 lb Fuel Injectors, TPIS Adjustable Fuel Press. Regulator (to 48psi);  HiPress Fuel Pump

16.   HyperTech Power Chip, cooler 170 degree Thermostat, HiPerf Ignition Wiring

17.   Underspeed pulleys for 25% less power draw

18.   A new CenterForce II Dual Friction Clutch which feels great and improves the Drag Race launch from the line.


RESULTS?!!  - Horsepower increased from the stock 240 HP to 330 HP Dyno tested*.  FireBird Raceway ¼ mile time decreased from 15.5 to 13.4 at 90+ degrees and 2700 ft elevation, and speed up from 93 to 105 MPH!    Lots of comments of  “Nice Ride Mister”   and …  A Big Smile every time I drive it around town!!    Let's see... would a TurboCharger be in its future? ...

This car is a daily ‘Road Warrior’ as demonstrated by some superficial wounds and scars, but it’s still “lookin’ good”, and is great fun to Drive, Drag Race, AutoCross, and Road Rally!



*  Dyno Test was at 2800 feet Elevation and 90 degree day.  If it was tested at Sea Level and Standard Day (59 degrees F) the HP could be slightly higher.


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