Larry's 64 Chevy Pickup has been a long term project finished up this year.  We finalized the wiring and engine components during the summer.

Learning the ins and outs of supercharging and fuel injecting and old chevy was a fun experience. 

Project turned out as a outstanding Hot Rod with the capabilities of cruising where ever he wants to take it.

A few days spent running and tuning on dyno, found that magic 300RWHP a hard number to blow away, bumped right to it and just can't pass it by far, Still Trying.

A lot of custom body work done.

A Change of Blower Pulley, Retune, and More Power.  A Retune and Re-Dyno and we squeezed 327RWHP and 400RWTQ.

Enough to twist the rear axle around, Time for more Suspension.


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