Run With The Rules

Restoration Rods by Rule

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   We Specialize in:

bulletRestoration of all kinds of "Rods", Sports Cars, 
and Classics
bulletExotics, "Muscle Cars", and other    Performance Cars
bulletPerformance setups,  enhancements of Engines, Suspension, Transmissions, and add-ons.
bulletLuxury Cars
bulletMost Foreign Cars
bullet    and yes, even some selected "Daily Drivers"
bulletFull Diagnostics,  Dyno,  and Special Tools
bulletDiablo CMR Dealer, Fully Tunable Computer System       For Ford and Newer Chevrolet.
bulletDyno with all optional equipment, O2 Sensor, Analog Channels, Boost, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, EGT, Ect...


We also do:

bulletTires, Wheels, Mounting and Balancing
bulletAir Conditioner Servicing
bullet& other standard maintenance


Tired Of Someone Selling You Stuff, Damaging Stuff,
Not Fixing It?
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bulletIf it's broke       - We'll fix it.
bulletIf it ain't broke  - We'll 'modify it'  !!!
bulletIf it's 'modified'  - We'll Dyno it !!



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