Services and Specialties

Major and minor repairs and servicing of foreign and domestic cars

Radiator Repair — Water Pumps, Radiator Flush, Hoses and Belts, Thermostats, Heater Cores, Cooling Fans

Oil Change — Lube / Oil / Filter, Transmission Flush, Power Steering Flush, Differential Flush, Brake Fluid Flush, 30K/60K/90K Services

Brake Service — Brake Pads & Shoes, Power Boosters, Anti-Lock Brake Systems, Emergency Brakes, Machine Work, Diagnosis

Engine Management Service — Ignition, Emission & Fuel Delivery Systems Diagnosis & Repair

Full Tire Service — High tech mounting and balancing, optional CAR Nationwide Road Hazard coverage Plan features:
Nationwide coverage across all 50 states
Free tire replacement
$20 coverage towards tire repair
Nationwide flat tire changing assistance

Breakdown Coverage Nationwide Auto Repair Warranty

Alignment — Steering & Suspension Service, Alignments

Air Conditioning — Complete AC Repair, Evacuation & Re-Charge, AC Retrofit, Performance Testing

Suspension / Shock / Strut Repair — Shocks and Struts, Air Ride Systems

Exhaust — Mufflers, Tail Pipes, Exhaust Manifolds, Catalytic Converters, Gasket Replacement, Clamps and Hangers

Transmission Repair — Clutches, Automatic Transmissions

Full Restoration and precision tune up
of cars of all kinds
Hot Rod, Muscle, Sport, Classic, Exotic,
you name it...

High Performance Chassis Setups

Enhancements — To engines, suspension, transmissions

Precision Dyno Tuning — For ultimate engine performance with other high tech speciality, diagnostic and tuning tools

We Stock and Sell High Performance Parts

Phenix Performance Plumbing Parts Stocked and For Sale
Automotive, off-road, and racing fluid control products
Ford Performance and Racing Parts Stocked and For Sale
Ford racing and performance parts

If it's broke — we'll fix it

If it ain't broke — we'll modify it

If it's modified — we'll dyno tune it